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Vasbyt Enterprises Inc.

"vasbyt": [fas beit] verb. usually imperative, interjection, equivalent of "hang tough", "grin and bear it", "keep going", "endure" - Oxford Dictionary of South African English

About Missy Ward, President of Vasbyt Enterprises, Inc.

October 20, 2009
Missy Ward, Co-Founder of Affiiate Summit, Inc. and Founder of Vasbyt Enterprises, Inc.

Missy Ward: Affiliate Marketing Since 1999, Work at Home Mom, Philanthropist


Missy Ward is an affiliate marketing Swiss Army knife, work at home mom, die-hard AC/DC fan and active fundraiser for charities that support breast cancer research, treatment and community programs.

She is the Founder and President of Vasbyt Enterprises, Inc.

After spending over a dozen years in Marketing Departments of various companies and managing her own affiliate sites, Missy Ward founded Affiliate Summit Corporation in 2003 with her business partner, Shawn Collins on a $400 investment.

Today, Affiliate Summit is now a privately-held, multi-million dollar media company that produces Conferences & Tradeshows, FeedFront Magazine, and

Missy is also the Co-Publisher of, Co-Founder of, Founder of and runs a number of her own niche affiliate websites.  Her most recent site launch is, a site that teaches people how to buy skill building toys and gifts for children with special needs.  Half of the net proceeds are donated to the North Pocono Parents of Down Syndrome and Friends.

Here new book, “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog“, teaches bloggers how to take back the reigns of product placements on their blog and earn the money their work merits in the process, using affiliate marketing. She is a contributor and editor of the Internet Marketing from the Real Experts and is the author of  “It’s All About the Cookies“, which is a business book cleverly disguised as a cookbook. The net proceeds of the sales of these books are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, respectively.

For the last 16+ years, Missy Ward has helped companies grow their businesses successfully using the performance marketing model.  Before she quit her day job and decided to work for herself she was the Director of Public Relations for Media Breakaway LLC, Vice President of Partnership Marketing for eBound Strategies, President of Aluria Software and Vice-President of Marketing for Global Travel International.

Missy hates cold weather, flavored coffee and meat.

She loves wine.  Lots and lots of wine. Subscribe below to get up to date affiliate marketing news, advice and more.

Follow Missy Ward on Twitter @missyward , or on Google+.

Visit her affiliate marketing blog at for affiliate marketing news, opinions and events.